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About Us

What is Family Promise?

Family Promise of Greater Orlando (FPGO) is a nonprofit, interfaith hospitality network providing temporary assistance, hospitality, and case management for families with children experiencing homelessness. Family Promise provides these services through the participation of local congregations, dedicated staff, and hundreds of volunteers.

How is Asbury involved?

During our service weeks, the families are housed at Community of Christ Church on Clay Street.

  • Asbury members convert the Sunday School classrooms at Community of Christ Church into "bedrooms" for the families.
  • Asbury members provide meals and activities for the families two nights during the week, and serve as an overnight host.
  • The following weekend, Asbury members convert the "bedrooms" back into Sunday School classrooms.
  • Asbury is a partner in this important ministry with Markham Woods Church and Community of Christ Church. Together we do great things!

How can I be involved?

There is always room for extra hands to set up rooms, cook and fellowship with the families. Contact Teresa Scott through the church office, 407.644.5222.

A Story of Redemption

March 2016 | A special interview with our client, Genesis, and her story of struggle and redemption.

Can you tell us your background?

Growing up I didn’t really get along with my mom. Our relationship wasn’t great and I did not get much guidance. My mom kicked me out at 18 years old and I lived with roommates. I found myself being taken advantage of with whomever I was living. I was working a minimum wage job, babysitting kids who weren't mine, buying food for everyone to eat and cleaning up after people. It never worked out. I finally realized I was better off doing it on my own.

What did homelessness look like for you?

It was such a sad moment for me the day I realized I was homeless. Before I was jumping from place to place but at least it was a roof over my head. This time, I was literally on a park bench realizing that I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t even cry. I thought to myself, “Crying wasn’t going to help or change my situation.” I tried desperately not to let myself get down. But it was hard. I found myself living on the streets, nine months pregnant. I hardly ever slept at night for fear I would be caught sleeping outside by someone I knew or attacked by other homeless persons. At times, it was chilly and I really couldn’t sleep. So I spent the nights finishing assignments for school.

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